Couer au Soleil

Couer au Soleil is one of the preeminent kingdoms of the world, featuring a stable monarchy and renowned for its material, philosophical, and artistic wealth.  It is also where your adventure in the Six Kingdoms begins.

The people of Couer au Soleil are a pleasant mix of industriousness and joie de vivre that recognizes that the fruits of one's labor are only of value if one takes time to enjoy them.  The Church of the Creator Eru is strongly entrenched, and the populace is generally deeply faithful.  

As a major trading nation, Couer au Soleil is the exemplar of cosmopolitan.  While the people of Northern Couer are typically possessed of pale skin and light hair and eyes, the people of Southern Couer are often darker of hair and complexion, owing to their proximity and cultural interchange with the Peninsular City States and the Catalan Kingdom.  It's not uncommon, especially in the South, to see travelers from such far flung lands as the Atar Caliphate or even further flung places, and the Northern seaport of Blamont bustles with trade from Almania, Albionia, and even far Oksandr.   

The people of Couer au Soleil are rightly proud of what they have built in the millennium since the fall of Julian.  The capital city of Couer au Soleil is Coronale


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Couer au Soleil

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