Where to begin when describing history's most important man?


Julian is remembered as a conqueror and a builder of a great empire, whose legions marched across the Six Kingdoms under the banners of a falling comet and an eagle on the wing.  He is remembered as a mighty warrior who ruled with a sword in his right hand and an iron rod in his left.  He wielded Fendruil, a bastard sword forged of starmetal that is said to have burned with a golden fire.  


Who can say how many of the stories about his accomplishments are really true?  Did he really outwit the Unseelie Prince Allonor and steal his magic ring?  Did he truly wrestle the devil atop a black mountain of iron and adamantine?  Did he "kindle the everflame beneath the deepest sea," or "sing to sleep the arboreal nobility a lullaby most faire," or "walk that abyss no man has walked?"  It's hard to say.


What is generally agreed on are not the details of Julian's life, but his death.  After ruling for over a hundred years, he was slain most cruelly by men he called his friends, slain with daggers of adamant and silver and iron.  His empire did not long survive his death, as friends and enemies alike within the empire began to carve out kingdoms and empires of their own.  


Over a millennium has passed.  Will the world ever know another conqueror like Julian?


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