Morgoth Manhue

A gentle old wizard convinced that his path is not the only path.


A attractive human, middle aged man with fair, smooth skin and intelligent very pale blue eyes. His white mustache and beard are kept short and well groomed, running the full length of his face to join with shoulder length, platinum hair that silvered too early in life. The crow’s feet crinkles at the corners of his eyes only appear in mirth and good humor; an affectionate look that, more often than not, has captured his continence in personified good nature. His sonorous voice is a quiet tenor with an entertainer’s vibrato waiting to launch into a poem or song. His contemplative manor belies his passionate drive and eager over zeal; a man of action when the situation demands, with quick and decisive execution. In situations that would cause others to become angry, he is instead disappointed. Where others become belligerent, he is accommodating; when others lose hope, he is intuitive and creative… In those times where other would become malicious or vindictive, he is caring and forgiving.


At a young age, called Morgan then, he worked out that his parents weren’t really his birth mother and father, but he never questioned them about it and loved them fiercely as they loved him. He grew up in and around the church of Eru, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge channeled in a positive manor by the monks, scribes and priests that set him to read histories and church doctrines from their libraries and stores. He became an accomplished translator and scribe, taking on church projects and scribing old texts and scrolls for the ministry instead of fishing and playing with the other children his age. By his early teens, he had become an accomplished historian and religious scholar in his own right, a career in the church practically preordained. His passion for knowledge and love for the church were the two fires that drove him noon and night… and by age twenty had even written a few noteworthy texts of his own. He was well known for his insight and clarity of thought, and his writings were becoming a request from both nobles and surrounding diocese. For 40 years he lived and breathed the church, its doctrines and its teachings, uncovering bits of religious history and mystery, translating and penning them in scripts for others to be enlightened. Five years ago, however, is when he stumbled upon a series of obscure scrolls that changed his life…. (More to come).

Morgoth Manhue

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